Long Lost Brothers Reunite After 24 Years And One Stabs The Other, Seriously

This is one of the most wild stories I could find today and I do not know how I am going to do it justice.

The headline is the story. Martin Rabanser, a 35-year-old man, told The Times that he woke up to his long lost brother Ivo had broken into his house, and swinging his knife at him repeatedly. Martin is now listed as seriously ill in the hospital with a stab wound to the lung. The fvcking LUNG?

Holy fvck.

Nicola Nettis, the lawyer for Martin told The Times that after 24 years Martin didn’t recognize his attacker and yelled. “‘Who are you? What do you want?'”

To which Ivo replied, “I’m your brother – don’t you recognize me?'”

This is Ivo, a man who stabs his brother in his sleep… (Photo The Times)

No, I haven’t seen my brother in two decades, why the fvck are you stabbing me.

I don’t know if that part happened, but logically it should have.

Ivo went missing in 1997 and the story says that he has been a bit of a recluse. Apparently he was homeless and living in Verona for most of that time but recently moved closer to Martin to stalk him. The actual story is that he “rode his bike to the town” and was living in the woods near Martin, casing the house and his family.

Martin and other family members continues to search for him, going as far as taking out multiple media campaigns to reach out. Ivo was not trying to be found. Until it was time to stab Martin, apparently.

The working theory is that Ivo was pissed from how the family inheritance was split when their parents passed. Martin got the house. Not sure what Ivo got besides his heaping side of crazy.

“Most people handle this through lawyers – they don’t vanish for two decades then show up with a hunting knife,” is an actual quote from Nettis in the story.

Nettis added so much to this story. Here are a few more details:

“(Ivo) waited for night and broke in through the garage wearing camouflage and carrying at least two knives,” the lawyer said.

“He went to the bedroom and started stabbing his brother in the chest. He didn’t speak or make threats.”

Ivo, for his part, is making this sound like no biggie and that he was just trying to connect with his long lost brother.

Gotta say, this is not a family reunion that many will be attending in the future.


Written by Malcolm Henry

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