Bye Bye Juul

Man writing this blog is like talking about an old friend you had some good times with but haven’t seen in a while and probably won’t ever be close with again.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration is getting ready to ban every single one of Juul Labs’ e-cigarettes from the market. The decision is expected as soon as today, but representatives from Juul and the FDA are not commenting on the matter.

Fruity and other more “fun” flavors of Juul pods and other e-cigarette products were already banned by the FDA for targeting minors. Man, this generation was really so close to kicking the nic addiction until some genius had the idea to make it mango flavored. I can’t even pretend to be aloof because they got me too.

One of the biggest investors in Juul is the Altria Group, which also is behind Marlboro cigarettes. The kiddos weren’t smoking reds so they got ’em with cucumber pods. (best flavor not up for debate). Altria shares had around a 10% drop this morning after the news broke.

Kind of interesting they’re going after Juul so heavily but haven’t really seemed to care that much about regular cigarettes up until the recent news that Biden is trying to limit the amount of nicotine that can be in a cig.

Scary times to be a college student trying to cop a buzz, stay safe out there everyone.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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