Cain Velasquez Denied Bail, But That Is Not The Story

The headline here is: A judge in California denied bail to former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The story is: Velasquez shot at a pickup truck of a man driving away after being accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old family member.

Gotta say… kind of on Velasquez’s side here.

Well, he now faces attempted murder and multiple gun assault charges after authorities made the arrest.

Velasquez was arrested in San Jose last week. The report says that he drove through three Silicon Valley cities, while ramming the vehicle of the alleged sexual predator with his pickup truck during an 11-mile chase, prosecutors said.

Velasquez, 39, also fired a .40-caliber pistol at the vehicle several times. One of the shots wounded the man’s stepfather, who was driving, in his arm and torso, prosecutors added.

Mark Geragos, the attorney representing Velasquez, told reporters outside the court that he plans on vindicating Cain and getting him back with his family.

Here is to hoping so… or hoping that they catch the alleged attacker, prove his guilt beyond doubt, and put him in the same cellblock.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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