Can Russell Wilson Get Ahold Of Patrick Mahomes, Please?

Patrick Mahomes is not the first — nor will he be the last — man on the planet to fall in love early in life. He is not the first quarterback to do it, either.

He is also not likely to be the last to realize that carrying around crazy is not the way to go. He should give a quick ring to Russell Wilson.

Not sure if you remember, Wilson was married to his high school sweetheart (Ashton Meem) who came to embody the ‘meme’ pronunciation of her name at the time of his NFL Draft.

Mahomes is now enabling his high school sweetheart (and his dipshit brother) to be the most annoying pair in the NFL.

Both men suffered.

To the tape:

Russ was taken in the 2012 NFL Draft and divorced Meems in 2014, with rumors swirling that she was unfaithful. All of those allegations were denied by rumored parties involved, and Wilson released a simple statement.

I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this personal matter.

Without Meems, Wilson led the Seahawks to a 43-8 victory over Denver. Maybe there is a connection to be made there, maybe not…

He then started dating the seemingly more stable Ciara in early 2015… went back to another Super Bowl with Seattle in 2016… got married and had their first child in 2017.

It was a great run for Russ.

So… by connecting imaginary dots… Mahomes could also make a level up move by eliminating some of the distractions from his life.

Maybe this has nothing to do with Matthews – and her victim mentality – and it has everything to do with his brother, Jackson.

If THAT is the case, we still advocate for getting the crazy out of his life.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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