CFL Players Attack Fan After Playoff Loss, Beer Spitting Situation

Spill beer on me … okay, I’m pissed… SPIT beer on me and we are fighting.

Seems like that is the same line a Toronto Argonauts player had this weekend, as well. And yes there is video of it all.

To the tape:

And, there is more, if you care to keep pushing play.

Apparently some fans had spilled drinks on the players, which would certainly get me riled up… and as you probably just watched, it did not end there and things escalated quickly.

If you didn’t watch it: a fan dressed in Hamilton Tiger-Cats gear ran up on Toronto defensive back Chris Edwards, who didn’t waste much time by throwing a pretty wild right hand in response.

It was Argonauts wide receiver Dejon Brissett that stepped in to try to break things up, and slamming the fan into a wall.

Security was quick to the scene and responded by getting the fan under control and allowing Toronto players to get into the locker room.

Will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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