OchoCinco Trying The ‘Too Much Sex’ Excuse For Getting Knocked Out

Chad ‘OchoCinco’ Johnson was a bad dude back in his day. Ask your older brother… he was a bad ass. He just wasn’t so much of a badass when he got KO’d in a recent boxing exhibition.

To regain his Badassr’y, Johnson is going to the oldest male excuse used ever to save face: “don’t care, had sex.”

Yup. The 44-year-old, 6x Pro Bowler was on the “I Am Athlete” show and claimed he was busy getting busy just before his June 2021 bout against pro fighter, Brian Maxwell.

“We did three times, maybe four to five times in three-minute intervals,” Chad lied said.

When he knew that was not badass enough, he figured he should continue this myth, adding, “Matter of fact, I had to be at the stadium at Hard Rock,” he said. “I think I fought at 8 o’clock. I needed to get that out of my system to relax me.”

It was with a girl. A totally real one. You wouldn’t know her though, she goes to a different school.

Well, those details didn’t clear it up or make it any less suspicious, so he kept talking.

“And it put me in a sense of, a state of calmness going into war. That’s fighting. I’m out of my element stepping in a ring with someone that fights for a living,” he stammered out. “Getting that up out of me was the best thing to do for me.”

He’s a man of legend. Sex! FOUR TIMES…… BEFORE BOXING. That guy, whatever guy did that would be a badass. Amazingly, it was Chad Johnson. The man telling the story about how he got knocked out.

The host of the show, who has also boxed, tried to play along saying that all that sex must have had an impact.

“That’s why your ass got tired in four rounds,” he pandered to Chad… being nice, knowing this was not a Chad move.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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