Charles Barkley Claps Back at Hecklers

Athletes and sports media personalities get heckled all the time, and can’t really defend themselves as they want to protect their jobs and image. Charles Barkley, AKA Chuck, does not fit into that category. He’s an integral part of probably the most-watched NBA analyst crew along with Shaq, Ernie Johnson Jr, and Kenny the Jet Smith, and obviously feels his spot on that roster is secured.

Yesterday Chuck was filming “Inside the NBA” with the rest of his crew outside Chase Center, the home of the Golden State Warriors. Fans congregated next to the set and did their best to get a rise out of the Hall of Famer, asking him to spell Championship among other things (He never got a ring).

Charles had an all-time response, and of course, a fan got it all on video.

All around seemed like a funny and harmless interaction, but there are some soft fans that complained on Twitter, saying Chuck should have shown some restraint and thought of the little kids in the crowd.

What did you think was going to happen? It’s playoff basketball and everyone is fired up.

Great comeback by Barkley and the Warriors fans took it like champs.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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