Cheating Man Tosses Woman Out Of Window To Avoid Being Caught

City boys are not up right now, well at least this one isn’t. 

A Chicago man has been charged with first degree murder after allegedly throwing a woman out the window from his fifth-floor apartment when his girlfriend returned home.

Security camera footage caught Tyson Tillman, 38, returning home with Tabitha Tanner to his Uptown Chicago apartment at 10:09 p.m last Wednesday. Just 48 minutes later, camera footage shows Tillman’s girlfriend arriving at the building at 10:57 p.m. At 10:59 p.m, an exterior security camera caught Tanner’s naked body falling from the fifth-floor unit onto the alleyway below.

Tanner’s body was discovered the next morning at 6:11 a.m and she was pronounced dead just shortly after. According to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Tanner died from injuries sustained in a fall from a height, including a broken leg, facial injuries, and a lacerated heart.

When Tillman was questioned at the scene, he originally stated that he had no information on what happened. However, when brought into the station, he claimed that Tanner’s clothes came off in the heat of an argument which also turned physical and caused her to accidentally fall out the window.

Despite the story he told police, Tillman was caught on a bodycam recorder when in the station on the phone with an unknown person. The camera worn by a cop at the station picked up Tillman’s conversation in which he explicitly says, “I threw that bitch out the window.” Pretty damning evidence if I do say so myself.

Despite clear motive and concealed confession, Tillman’s public defender claims it’s too early to know if Tanner may have jumped or slipped and fell out the window. However, a judge has ruled Tillman not be eligible for bail given the circumstances and his eight previous arrests.

Tillman awaits trial, where I suggest he pleads guilty. Once in prison, he will do a lot more cheating on his girlfriend than either of them would like.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker


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  1. I get it, it’s you guys are a bunch of ex-frat bros. Your articles aren’t meant to be taken seriously. But it is disgusting and disrespectful to make a joke out of a woman’s murder. “Once in prison, he will do a lot more cheating on his girlfriend than either of them would like.” Seriously? Imagine if this is was your loved one, is this the kind of article you’d want written in the midst of an unthinkable tragedy?

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