Chinese Officials Take Away Danish Reporter During Live Broadcast of Olympics

A Dutch broadcaster in China was literally tkane away from his camera during a live news show shortly before the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

Sjoerd den Daas, the NOS correspondent in China, was speaking to the camera when security officials pushed him away.

The tweet translates to: Unimaginable. Report on the #Olympics in China. @sjoerddendaas taken away live in the NOS News by a security guard. Not a word of Chinese could beat that.

Now, I don’t speak a word of Dutch or Chinese, but it is easy to assume that Sjoerd must have been talking about something the Chinese don’t want to get out of their country.

Maybe he should have listened to Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi, since she told our athletes to ‘shut up and dribble’ as she allows the country to bow to the Chinese Communist Party.

Den Daas remained calm and told the anchor in the Netherlands, “I fear we will have to come back to you later.”

The broadcaster says in a tweet that “sadly, this is increasingly the daily reality for journalists in China.” It adds that Den Daas is fine and was able to “complete his story a few minutes later.”

Written by Malcolm Henry

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