Compelling Evidence Of Smith-Rock Oscar Slap Fakery

The ‘Slap Heard Round The World’ was fake.

Officially? Maybe not… there is no chance the Oscars — nor the folks involved — would admit to it, but it is fake.

Here is my evidence to support it. Slow-mo video pretty well shows that Rock was ready for this entire thing. Click Play:

Oh, but it was a joke about a disease and Will was defending his wife…


Defending his wife against a longtime friend?


These guys are boys.

And for good measure…. let’s break this down with one, simple image.

But why?

What is the motive to do this?

Well… I got you there, too.


First, did you even know the Oscars were on last night? No… me neither.

Neither did most people. Until that slap.

And it is a trend… NO ONE cares about The Oscars after five years of brow beating the audience with politics. Here is your evidence for that, too.

It was all a work.



Tell your friends.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. We learned this trick in high school drama. You pretend to punch or slap someone while strike your chest with the other hand. You can see Smith do this; his left hand strikes his right shoulder area. Rock showed no discomfort from the blow because he did not receive the blow. Now, if they come clean, they’ll looks like fools, phonies, liars, so the fake news lives on. Unfortunate.

  2. why was no other camera angle shown? Because u would see there was no connection thats why! You can see the camera on the right filming the whole thing which would likely show this from his angle! 55 camers and only one shot! Disgusting!

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