Conor McGregor Finally Wins A Fight… By Beating Up An Italian DJ

Conor McGregor would absolutely kick my ass, that fact is not lost on me, so it is easy for me to write about him from the comfort of my apartment and not have to do any of this to his face… but at this point of his career, he is a washed up athlete that is more hype than substance and should just be happy to be a celebrity.

He is also showing that he is kind of a piece of shit, trying to fight anyone that he knows he can win against and hanging out with the worst of other celebrities. He is probably best friends with Miles Teller.

Now, after losing so many of his fights he finally won one! Of course he is going to get sued because of it, since he punched a DJ in the face.

Police were called in to mediate after the UFC legend ‘allegedly’ got into it with musician Francesco Facchinetti, while the two attended an event at a hotel in Rome.

Honestly thought it would be worse…

Facchinetti, whom I have never heard of, and his wife Wilma Faissol, also completely irrelevant to me, made the allegations public to their nearly 1.5million combined followers on The Gram.

Facchinetti even posted a video recounting the incident and showed off cuts on both of his lips — which, honestly, I assumed would have been worse… ya know, getting punched by Conor McGregor.

Italian Police confirmed to The Sun that they were called to the scene at 5.30am. The Sun also reports that McGregor has yet to speak to police but will.

Facchinetti is playing it like he was attacked without provocation and is leaning full tilt into being an unsuspecting victim.

“I could be silent but someone like him who pulls a punch, think what could happen,” he said.

He then doubled down on it:

“We welcomed him as a hero and instead he’s just a bully of the worst kind … what a disappointment … I feel sorry for him, he has everything but he has nothing …

“He must be stopped because he is dangerous for others. Now I understand why he had 20 bodyguards. Not to defend him from others, but to defend others from him.”

I kind of want to punch this guy, too…

Faisol also played up the entire incident with her recollection of it:

“He could have killed him, he split his lips and nose,” she said. “I was crying, I was shaking, we called the police and ambulance.”

Let’s be clear… McGregor probably could have killed this dude, but with a little split lip, no black eye, no broken nose, no anything… he wasn’t trying to kill him. He probably just was sending a message.

The truth is likely somewhere in the middle and since both of these guys look like total assholes it probably is.

And, it may be worth a couple bucks to Conor to punch that guy in the face. We all have folks that we would love to punch without meaningful consequences and with the kind of money Notorious has, this may have been one of those times.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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