Copping A Feel? NYPD Rookie Gives Lapper To Her Boss

“Hey Guys, put your fvcking phones away when the hot girl wants to start passing out lappers to the Precinct,” Lieutenant Nick McGarry, the guy in this video, probably.

Let’s go right to the tape! …

So, this was not your normal Christmas party — actually, I can not speak for the 44th Precinct of the NYPD — but after video surfaced from last Thursday’s party signups for the force may be … up.

Apparently, I mean there is video, but anyways this rookie female NYPD cop made it known she was … cumming gunning … trying to get those Rookie of the Year honors by giving her boss a pretty serious lap dance… in front of everyone else.

The lap dance video was obtained by the Post and shows the rookie, wearing a black and white mini skirt, a black tank top and black knee-high boots, straddling a 44th Precinct lieutenant and putting on a show for partygoers who attended the bash at Rory Dolan’s in Yonkers.

Fvck yes.

According to the Post, the video was already seen by the brass, who have already disciplined the cop for allowing a rookie to ride him.

“Messing with your subordinate is a no-no on the job,” a source told the Post.

“[The rookie cop] doesn’t know any better because she just came on the job. I can’t even tell you how many times they tell incoming supervisors that.”

Of course the dude in the video is married, maybe not for much longer, but it appears he may have his eyes set on another prize.

Anyways… Merry Christmas.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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