Cougar Caught in Cali Classroom

Yesterday morning a janitor corned a cougar into an empty classroom and trapped it there. No, unfortunately for the janitor it was not the type of cougar you hope to see right after you wake up. Instead of a rich older lady who shows you a good time, this brave custodian went face to face with a mountain lion.

Wednesday morning a janitor was going about the school cleaning empty classrooms as usual. The monotony of his job was broken a little after 8 am when he stumbled upon a mountain lion under a desk in an English classroom.

The janitor quickly closed and locked the door of that classroom and alerted the authorities. They set up a perimeter around the school, but thankfully no faculty or students were present at the time.

The cat was safely captured by the Califonia Department of Fish and Game and sent to the Oakland Zoo for examination and hopefully a safe release back into the wild. The lion was a male, 4-6 months and around 40 pounds which is underweight. He also had a fractured tooth the zoo will take care of before he is released.

Senior prank gone wrong?

Curiosity almost getting the cat killed?

Not sure how the lion got into the school but I’m glad no humans or animals were hurt.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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