Cup Noodle Mops Are The Only Way I Am Cleaning My Apartment Ever Again

Whoever invented this product had better gotten the biggest raise in the history of the company because it is fvcking brilliant.

Nissin Cup Noodle has just earned my respect, and my business, with this Cup Noodle mop and if I have to make my way to Japan to steal one, I am in for it.

I mean, LOOK AT IT:

The mops are made to look like a spilled cup of ramen, with the mop head (obviously) resembling the noodle strands and the topper being the chunks the random bits of whatever they stick in there. — I mean, honestly, do you know what they are?

These brilliant pieces of marketing were first spotted during a basketball tournament in Japan where Nissin was a sponsor.

They have yet to be spotted in the wild, and maybe they never will be, the company does sell bags, keychains, phone covers and (for some reason) humidifiers.

If I can’t get this mop, Ima be pissed.


Written by Malcolm Henry

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