Dana White Has Covid, He’s Asking Joe Rogan About Treatments

I love a good troll job and man this is up there.

Dana White announced that he came down with The Rona, which sucks, but then he followed it up with saying that he was going to take the advice of his friend, Joe Rogan, about how to fight it. That is awesome. I can hear the brains of the Blue Checks exploding!

White says he consulted with UFC commentator and podcast host after the positive COVID result and began taking home remedies recommended by Rogan.

Included in the list of treatments were an IV drip and ivermectin — which has led to flak directed at Rogan based on a narrative surrounding ivermectin’s use as a horse dewormer. The media’s disdain for Rogan’s medical advice has been predicated on advising alternates to the heavily promoted vaccines.

“You’re supposed to stay home and stay away from other people for 10 days,” White responded over the immediate procedures in response to the diagnosis. “That’s what I’m doing … I’m going to keep testing every two days until I’m negative and then I’m going to get back to work ASAP.” 

White said that he caught El Vid at a Thanksgiving gathering he attended in Maine. Relatives that attended the event were announced as COVID-positive as well, according to the UFC president.

Details of the announcement state White is essentially free of any ailments and recovered from minor symptoms such as loss of taste and smell a day later.

The UFC boss expects to be in attendance for Font vs. Aldo on Dec. 4 if he tests negative before the event.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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