Dave Chappelle Attacked During Comedy Show

On March 27th of this year, we all witnessed one of the most bizarre altercations in television history when Will Smith walked on stage and slapped Chris Rock after a GI-Jane joke was made about Jada Pinkett Smith. Last night, arguably the greatest comedian of all time was attacked on stage during the end of Chappelle’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night after finishing up a bit about how comedians now need to increase their security.

23-year-old Isaiah Lee rushed Chappelle and attempted to tackle him, carrying a fake gun with a blade attached to it. Security quickly swarmed him and moved him backstage, where Chappelle, apparently accompanied by Jamie Foxx and Busta Rhymes, proceeded to beat the crap out of the guy. Good for them. Dave Chappelle proved that actions like that have consequences – unlike when it happened to Chris Rock – and that if you think you can get away with while he’s on stage, you’re going to end up in the hospital. After getting up and before heading back to join in the fight, Chappelle said, “I’m going to kill that *****,” and when he walked back onstage he said, “He’s back there getting stomped.”

Video footage showed Lee being put in an ambulance on a stretcher with what appears to be a broken arm, and fans booed Lee as he was put in the ambulance. Lee is now facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge with a bail set at $30,000. Police are now investigating how Lee was able to enter the venue with a weapon, considering the tons of security, metal detectors, and screening of guests used at the event.

Chris Rock, who had performed before Chappelle, walked on stage afterward and joked to Chappelle, saying, “Was that Will Smith?” Chappelle also snuck a joke in while the man was being beat up (because he’s a legend who can be attacked with a knife and still let out a few good jokes) and said, “It was a trans-man!” – a reference to the major controversy amongst the trans community he sparked with his most recent Netflix Special, The Closer.

Whatever the intentions were of Isaiah Lee attacking Chappelle, the only thing he proved was that Dave is a badass, who will not only kick your ass but also make jokes mere seconds after his life is put in danger. That’s why he’s a legend.

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