David Dobrik Almost Kills Friend?

According to a former friend of the social media star, David seriously injured a man after getting behind the controls of a huge excavator in order to make some content. David should’ve just blogged. Blogging is so cool. The man is now suing David, claiming his injuries are the direct result of what Dobrik was doing.

Jeffrey Wittek, the man suing David, traveled to Provo, Utah in 2020 with a group of people to make content for David’s social media accounts.

One of the stunts was to put an excavator in the water, attach a rope to the bucket, and swing people around while they were wakeboarding. Sounds pretty stupid, but wicked fun. The plan escalated though when David suggested they ditch the other props and just get swung around by the excavator that he was in control of.

When Wittek was up, David was swinging him too fast, noticed, and slowed down too quickly, causing Jeffrey to slam into the side of the machine and sustain serious injuries. Wittek claims he broke his foot, hip, and his skull in nine places, almost losing an eye and his life.

Wittek is suing Dobrik for general negligence and intentional tort.

A lot of suspect shit has come out about David these past couple of years. I’m glad everyone seems to be alright now, but if any of this is true, Dobrik needs to be held accountable.

Information used to write this blog was obtained from TMZ

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Written by Ben Mulry

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