Delivery Man Puts Life on the Line to Save Strangers

It’s stories like this that give me hope for humanity and remind me that while all we hear about in the news are assholes and POS, there are still so many good people out there.

Nicholas Bostic, a delivery driver in Indiana, was driving down a street late at night last week when he noticed a house was completely ablaze and there were no emergency vehicles present. Without thinking of the danger he could put himself in, Bostic ran into the house and called out to see if anyone was trapped inside or needed help getting to safety.

Despite no one answering his calls, something still felt off to him to he began searching the house for people in trouble. As he went from room to room he discovered four kids sleeping upstairs who varied in age from 1-18. Nicholas woke them up and helped them get outside safely where one of the kids told him there was another 6 year old still inside.

Immediately he went back in and tore the place apart searching everywhere for this stranger. With no visibility and smoke filling his lungs Nicholas followed the the voice of the child as she called for help. He found the little girl downstairs and brought her back upstairs to escape through a window. Bostic jumped with the child in his arms and made sure to land first and shield the girl from the fall.

This man actively chose to risk his own life several times and step up instead of waiting for the fire department. What a hero, and what an example for us all.

The children seemed to be unharmed but when first responders arrived on scene Nicholas was airlifted to the hospital with severe smoke inhalation and lacerations.

He has a GoFundMe which I will link below if anyone wants to donate to this hero.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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