Demi Lovato Really Said That ‘Alien’ Is Derogatory To Extraterrestrials

Thanks to all of the keyboard cowboys — and cowgirls and cowtheys, I suppose — in the social justice movement we are now worried about anything that could possibly offend anyone (or anything)… so long as that thing is not a cis-gender, white, male… fvck those guys. Right? That is how it works?

Now, we have Demi Lovato preaching tolerance to … wait for it… fvcking aliens.

You may think this was from The Onion, or Babylon Bee, but nope. It is not.

“I really think that if there was anything out there that would want to do that to us, it would have happened by now,” Lovato said. “But I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. That’s why I like to call them E.T.s!”

So, just to pause for a second and really take that in…

Demi kind of says that aliens, errrr E.T’s, may be out there… not sure… but if they were out there Demi is pretty sure they would have attacked us already. Well I guess not being attacked by aliens if proof they don’t exist?

HOWEVER, Demi is also not ready to concede that if these beings decided to come over and say hello, proving they exist by attacking us, that they would be pissed off that they were called ‘aliens’ …

Honestly, I hope to all things Holy that if aliens (my word not Demi’s) do exist, and if they did want to do us harm, it would not be over us calling them “aliens” … in fact, if aliens do exist, and if they do want to do us harm, I would probably prefer them to come down and tell us that they were just watching from afar and decided that our stupid petty bullshit arguments of things like… “offending aliens by calling them aliens” is what pushed them over the edge and they had to come wipe us out.

Lovato has made more headlines recently for her struggles than her successes. And it has been a sad chapter to see.

Lovato was born into a great opportunity. Lovato’s mom was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and father was a musician. So… spotlight was sort of part of the family business.

From there acting started at age 10 with multiple years on Barney. A big blow up with Camp Rock followed at 16, before an explosion of popularity in music at 18 with Don’t Forget hitting Billboard charts at No. 2.

Sonny with a Chance, The X Factor, and Glee followed.

As did massive success with music.

And then is sort of stopped.

Lovato then openly and bravely shared struggles with addiction, with self harm, with eating disorders, and with being a rape survivor. Honestly, those are all difficult things to overcome and the courage and strength to do it, and share it, is commendable. Some have theorized many of those struggles were tied with success and pressure that started at an early age. It is a brave battle, no matter the source.

In recent years, Lovato has announced as queer. “I’ve always known I was hella queer, but I have fully embraced it.” In the same interview, Lovato reflected on being “just too queer” to date men at the time — though only dating men previously.

Then Lovato announced being pansexual and sexually fluid.
Then, in subsequent months, Lovato announced as non-binary using the pronouns they/them.

I will call Demi whatever they want to be called. But, I will also call aliens fvcking aliens…………………… unless they show up and want to be called something else, because I respect those type of things.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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