After Reading Reviews, I Am Worried ‘Dexter’ Is Going To Suck

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 01: Michael C. Hall and Morgan Macgregor attend the world premiere of "Dexter: New Blood" Series at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on November 01, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

It has been eight years since Dexter left the airwaves with one of the most disappointing endings among shows that I have religiously watched (Game of Thrones was maybe the only one worse) and I am very fearful that the show is going to come back and be as shitty as it ended.

POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW…. so, if you don’t want to get any details, click out. If you want to decide some things for yourself, keep on trucking.

So, here is the basics: Showtime is resurrecting (see what I did there) the serial killer drama with Dexter: New Blood. The show premieres Nov. 7 and is slated to be a 10-episode “limited series” and brings back most all of the fan faves, as best it can … I suppose.

Here is what is going to suck, according to reviews and my personal opinion:

1) Deb is back as a ghost. One of the most annoying as fvck parts of the OG Dexter run was his random chats with his step dad… sure the moral compass and all that, whatever, was kind of needed, I guess. But continuing that along with Deb is going to wear me out.

She is (based on reviews) basically going to be used as a foul-mouth annoyance that gets in the occasional jump scare. Yawn. His “relationship” with her is going to a foil used to show he still can’t make new relationships, as well as be a constant pain in the ass.

2) Dexter’s son is back. Harrison… yeop… and guess where that storyline is going? That is right… he is a loner, that makes friends with other loners… and oh, surprise, he also has a little “darkness” in him.

The originality is oozing here. Fvck. It is going to be such a forced relationship. It is going to be such a forced narrative that his son just happened to be just like him. It is going to be fvcking awful to see how they set Dexter up to be torn on whether to mentor him or ignore him.

3) Obviously this isn’t Miami, it is EastBumFvck, New York (actually called Iron Lake, but whatever) … so… how is he going to find people to kill?

Well… petty annoyance, apparently?

They are going to set up a battle of the have’s (tourists that come to down) and the have not’s (townies) and make it some sort of way to justify Dexter’s return to killing.

They also have it looking like there is another serial killer in town. What are the odd’s…. two serial killers in one small town?

When the show starts we are about a decade into Dexter’s dry spell from killing… he also isn’t in Oregon (as stated above)… and he is Jim Lindsay, the awww shucks clerk at Fred’s Fish & Game and dating the town’s Police Chief (of course).

His first kill is going to be an asshole customer at the store that just pushed him too far. That is so far from the lineage of Dexter that I am pretty convinced I am going to hate it.

Only a few days until I find out tho…

Written by Malcolm Henry

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