Science Just Died A Little As Doctor Diagnoses Patient With ‘Climate Change’

Just when I think people can not get any more ridiculous the internet hits me right in the face with evidence that I was being too optimistic for humanity and there is plenty of stupid left to find.

Today we have a doctor in British Columbia (that’s Canada), Dr. Kyle Merritt, proving that science is just a word and not an actual thing anymore. He diagnosed a 70-plus year-old patient with ‘climate change.’

Good fvcking grief.

“If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just going to keep falling further and further behind,” Dr Merritt told the Glacier Media.

Apparently this woman has – get ready for it — asthma, diabetes, and heart failure.

So apparently, according to a DOCTOR, the climate changing over the course of her life gave her asthma… diabetes … AND heart failure.

Side effects include….

“We’re in the emergency department, we look after everybody, from the most privileged to the most vulnerable, from cradle to grave, we see everybody. And it’s hard to see people, especially the most vulnerable people in our society, being affected. It’s frustrating,” said Dr Merritt.

Wanna know what is actually frustrating, good sir… when people do dumb shit like this.

Why, you ask? Because if you believe climate change is truly happening (which it is) you actually do the movement a great disservice by diagnosing a human with ‘climate change’ as most people see that and think you are a fvcking joke and it makes the whole thing seem like a silly game.

And those people are going to use this shit as ammunition to say that climate change isn’t real.

It gets worse as he actually had someone defend his decision.

Marina Romanello, an author of the international medical journal Lancet’s 2021 report on health and climate change said that this diagnosis was actually a “very wise decision”.

Marina Romanello, has just been discredited if she believes that.

“I think it’s really great that medical professionals are starting to bring visibility to the fact that climate change is actually a health hazard,” she told Euronews Green.

“Doing things like this and doing better studies that can help us attribute deaths to climate change is incredibly important because that is what will ultimately allow us to quantify the health dimension of climate change.”

Dr. Merritt likely did this for the attention that it will inevitably draw. He has launched an initiative called ‘Doctors and Nurse for Planetary Health’ .. and so he will be throwing this diagnosis around more frequently to justify his passion project.

Again, climate change is real. Diagnosis of climate change is a fvcking insane thing to do.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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