Don’t Be This Guy. Seriously, Never. Just the Worst.

So, I do not know the name of this player. I am sure that if I really wanted to learn it and spread it to the interwebs, I could. But… I don’t want to spend that time on it.

Anyways, whoever he is… can fuck all the way off.

Fvck you, dude.

Joe Asshole, a member of the Washington & Jefferson (Pa.) college football team has been expelled for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ from a women’s basketball game.

And he should be.

During Saturday’s lady hoops game between Westminster (Pa.) and hosting W&J, a football player representing the home team who was seated in the student section took taunting to a new low.

In an attempt to harass a talented Westminster player, the student held a sign up that simply read, “10-14-13,” the date the Westminster player’s father passed away.

After members of the Washington & Jefferson administration noticed the cruel sign, they immediately removed the student from the game. By Sunday, they had expelled him from school.

Shortly after the game was completed, W&J’s football coach Mike Sirianni issued a statement condemning the tasteless act and apologizing on behalf of the football team:

“I offer my sincere apologies to (the Westminster player and her family), Westminster Women’s Basketball, and the entire Westminster community. The individual that was responsible for this unforgivable act, unimaginable act has been removed from the W&J football team…I am embarrassed and appalled, but mostly my heart aches for (the Westminster player) and her family. These actions are inhumane.”

In response, Westminster College stated, “[W]e do not condone disrespectful or hurtful actions targeted at players. We appreciate W&J’s swift response and decisive action in this case.”

Fvck that dude.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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