Don’t Drink and Flash Drive?

We all have stories of us doing stupid shit and messing up when we get too drunk. Sitting on the couch hungover and listening to your friends tell you about all of the weird stuff you did and said the night before sucks. You feel gross and the hangxiety just makes everything worse. Imagine the hangxiety this guy had after his big fvck up.

After work last Tuesday, a Japanese man did the reasonable thing and went out to grab a couple of drinks. I guess he hit the bar straight from work because he brought a bag with him that contained a couple of USB drives.

This guy is either a lightweight, (nothing wrong with that) or he threw a couple more back than he originally intended because he passed out at some point and came to the next morning on the street. The man quickly realized he was missing a couple of personal effects, his bag included. Not a huge deal right? Wrong.

The guy worked for a company hired by his city to help disperse Covid relief funds. Those flash drives he lost had the personal info (names, birthdates, contact info, bank account info) of over FOUR HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE from the city of Amagasaki.

He reported his epic screw-up to the police who reported that the drives were encrypted and there was no evidence of anything leaking yet. Emphasis on Yet.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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