Dr. Disrespect Gets In On “Let’s Go Brandon” Movement

I do not spend too much time with too many gamers but the entire persona of Dr. Disrespect has fascinated me for some time and now he has taken it to another level.

Again, for the most part, I think streamers are boring and I would rather teabag on my friends on my own than watch someone else teabag on strangers… however, this clip is must-see. It all started with a few subs commenting “Brandon” in the comments, and then it all got going!

Of the streamers out there Dr. Disrespect is the closest thing to Joe Rogan, Dave Chapelle or Dave Portnoy… this dude can’t be canceled. He was once removed from Twitch — no one knows way — but he rebounded nicely with a move over to YouTube.

If there is someone on that platform that come out with a ‘LGB’ chant it is him.

With over 3.5M followers, it is unlikely that he is going anywhere, so punch that follow button his work.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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