Dray and Klay’s Response to Boston Hecklers

Oddly enough, after a dominant performance by the Celtics in game 3 of the NBA Finals, the major news story has nothing to do with a play or really anything that happened on the court.

During game 2 Draymond Green of the Warriors was playing football while everyone else was playing basketball. After recklessly throwing his body around he was called for a technical foul and immediately became the target of Boston fan’s frustration.

The Warriors won that game pretty handily, but I don’t think they were ready for the up close and personal atmosphere of TD Garden last night.

Draymond got into foul trouble, and with four minutes left earned his 6th personal and fouled out. As he walked back to the bench the 18,000 fans packed into the Garden jeered and chanted “Fvck you Draymond”. Hilarious, and not that uncommon for opponents to bear the brunt of chants like that while in Boston.

After the Celtics finished the game and won, Klay Thompson of the Warriors complained about the chants during a postgame presser saying, “Real classy, good job Boston”.

Great point Whit, I’m sure a kid from Boston has never heard that word before.

Ironically, Klay had previously said this when LeBron was complaining about fan behavior.

Draymond responded in a way that I respect more. He can take the heat and he loves dishing it back too.

Personally, I love it when emotions run high, and they should run high because they’re competing for a world championship. Good win for the Celtics, and it appears the fans have gotten into the heads of the Warriors. Go Cs.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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