Dude Starts (Ends?) Fight With A Samoan Drop, Then Throws Hands In Hurry

I have no information on where this fight is from and frankly I do not care, it is 0:28 of greatness.

You came here for the fight, and so… we GO TO THE TAPE.

I gotta tell you there is a lot to unpack here.

First, it starts with the jacket toss. This guy knew he was getting in a fight and didn’t want to ruin his drip by risking a torn jacket — nor did he want to give his opponent something to grasp onto. Veteran move.

He then has the awareness to feel the oncoming idiot attacker who tried to wildly throw a kick. I think it may have grazed the beast, but it did not slow him down.

Then… as he stands, he realizes he has his lower half and fuck yes his WWE instincts kicked in and he went to the natural answer: Samoan drop.

Dude hulked up, held this dude up, and then left his feet to land the drop.

Fvcking love it.

After the collective ‘ooooooooo’ settled, it turned into face smashing time… which, also went one sided.

What I didn’t notice until the second viewing is that a cop stepped in almost immediately…. but on the THIRD viewing, that cop was there the whole time. Just chatting on the phone.

Love it. Let them play, refs!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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