Eight-Year-Old Drops the F-Bomb on Pat McAfee Show… It’s Priceless

Sports radio is typically dominated by grown men complaining to hosts about problems their teams have and solutions that would never work in a million years. Every asshole who’s seen an NFL game has some grand opinion about how he could singlehandedly change the course of a season where his team starts out one and four. Every now and again, though, you get a real gem of a caller, and in this case, it was an eight-year-old.

Pat McAfee’s show is probably one of the biggest in sports talk radio, but it’s also a bit more adult than what you’d hear on your local sports radio show. Because of that, McAfee and the rest of his crew were a little bit hesitant to have such a young kid calling into their show. One of the guys even saying, “If you’re telling us your half-age, you’re too young to be listening,” in response to this eight-year-old, whose name is Owen, telling the team that he was eight and a half years-old.

McAfee seemed a bit distressed, but eventually asked Owen what he wanted to talk about. Owen was awesome. All he had to say was how inspiring McAfee’s show is to young sports fans and how much he loves listening… until he added in a closing line: “Oh, and also: FUCK BOSTON CONNOR!”

Boston Connor, one of the co-hosts of the show, wasn’t prepared for that. And neither was anyone else. But McAfee and the rest of the crew loved it. They took it in stride and applauded Owen for it. McAfee even said, “I wanna let Owen know, you’re inspiring.”

Owen reminded us all what South Park has been showing us for years: little kids cursing is always hilarious.

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