Eli Manning Launched Freedom Rockets On MNF ManningCast

I hate Eli Manning. Actually, I hate Peyton Manning, too. I am a Patriots fan and the two Manning brothers were a thorn in the side of my fandom for my entire life. Peyton is great and the Patriots did well to live in his fivehead for a long time. Eli was the definition of an average quarterback, but he managed to beat the Patriots in TWO Super Bowls.

Fvck that guy.

That said, he delivered in a big way on Monday Night Football’s alternate viewing experience, The ManningCast, by launching double freedom rockets. Check it out if you missed it:

“You go to Philly, you’re getting the double bird right away from a 9-year-old kid,” Eli told Peyton and 4th quarter guest Chris Long.

“I would give the bird, I don’t know, can we do that?? I’m sure you can blur that out, right??”

No, Eli… they can’t. But who cares.

Eli continued with his lament of Philthy-delphhia:

“They’re saying things about my mom and Peyton, I can’t even tell you what they said about my mom,” he added.

Oh, he also had to apologize… but it won’t matter that FCC fine is coming.

“Sorry, earlier I gave the double bird. I guess that’s frowned upon, so I apologize if I offended anybody. That’s just what a 9-year-old did to me and I thought I could do it back,” he concluded.

As someone that has also given Eli the double-bird, honestly, this is the only moment of Eli’s life that I enjoyed.

As for my statement that he is decidedly average, consider for yourself:

  • He was 117-117 for his career. Average.
  • He led the NFL in interceptions THREE TIMES. Average. He also No. 12 all-time in interceptions.
  • He is 50th all-time for completion percentage. Not good.

Seriously, if he played anywhere other than New York and his name was anything other than Manning, this guy would never be talked about again.

Until he tosses out the middle finger again, he won’t be… at least by me.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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