F2 Driver Career Crashes and Burns

We’ve all heard the jokes and stories about how vile Modern Warefare II lobbies used to get and the types of language and insults that were hurled around. “Kids these days wouldn’t last five minutes in our lobbies”. Well, F2 driver, Juri Vips didn’t last in today’s lobby.

Two weeks ago Vips was streaming some Call of Duty Warzone when he said something he definitely shouldn’t have. The ultimate no-no word, the n-word. He didn’t seem to realize the seriousness of letting that slip, but his teammates you could hear in the background chuckling nervously and saying “Juri…”

Red Bull Racing, the team Vips races for, launched an investigation into the incident. To be honest, not sure why it took that long, the clip is out there for anyone to see and is about ten seconds long. After the stream Vips apologized saying, “This language is entirely unacceptable and does not portray the values and principles that I hold. I deeply regret my actions and this is not the example I wish to set.”

Pretty sure Nick Castellanos hit a home run during the stream too.

Red Bull’s investigation concluded by firing Vips who won the ADAC Formula championship back in 2017 and was sitting in 7th place in Formula 2.

It always sucks to see someone screw their life up so much by saying one word, but it also shouldn’t be that hard to avoid the said word.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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