Fake Cricket League Fools Russians

An unreal scam job masterminded and executed by a group of people in Gujarat India fooled Russian Gamblers. Basically, the group set up a fake version of the IPL which is the Indian Premier Cricket League and convinced Russians to gamble on the rigged games.

Four men have been arrested in India and are being charged with criminal conspiracy and gambling, as betting on cricket is not legal in India.

What happened was a bunch of unemployed men and farmers were hired by the scam’s ringleaders to play rigged games. They bought uniforms from real IPL teams, hired fake umpires, and even had an impersonator of the famous IPL cricket announcer. They broadcasted their games on Youtube and accepted many bets from Russia, specifically their cities of Tver, Voronezh, and Moscow.

The IPL season had ended weeks before this fake league started up, showing how little research the Russian gamblers did on this league. The scammers used specific camera angles to keep the ruse going, pumped in crowd noise, and had special effects to make it seem like real IPL games were being played.

Once a bet was accepted, the umpire was radioed what calls to make to ensure the bet was lost and the money was pocketed by the Indians.

Just an unreal idea with great execution by the Indians and very poor money management on the part of the Russians.

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Written by TFM

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