Fan on Field at Brewers v. Braves… The Man’s Got Moves

MLB games can sometimes drag on. If you don’t have a real rooting interest in a team and it isn’t the playoffs, sometimes it feels like nothing interesting is happening at all. In a tight game last night between the Brewers and Braves, though, one fan took it upon himself to add to the excitement.

He began out in left center field, jumping and dancing, just begging security guards to come and get him. Soon, he was surrounded by three security guards, but they were no match for him. After giving them the old bob ‘n weave treatment, he pranced into the infield where he ran past the pitcher, giving him a thumbs down as blazed by.

Now being chased by six security guards, the man stopped at home plate, begging the Brewers batter, their second baseman Jace Peterson, to give him a high five. To his disappointment, and the disappointment of everyone watching the spectacle, he did not receive it. He was then tackled by six guards and taken down hard.

It took them twenty-four seconds to catch the guy, which is a pretty impressive amount of time to be out there. Unfortunately, though he appeared shirtless, he was, in fact, wearing a We only wish he could’ve gotten that high five. C’mon, the dance moves coupled with the evasive maneuvers? He freakin’ deserved it. The Brewers won the game on a walk-off, but it’s pretty obvious that the fan on the field was the most exciting thing to happen at the ballpark last night. Legendary.

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