Fans Getting Better At Throwing Hands, This Dad KOs Two In A Hurry

Fan fight videos have been pretty sawft, in my opinion, as we ease back in from the endemic to sporting events.

Poor form, too much booze, general lack of fight experience…. really there is any number of reasons why the fights kind of suck. That is until this dad at the Rams vs Titans game landed two straight shots and knocked two guys out, having them literally slide down the fvcking steps.

To the tape!

That was a straight right to the face of a Titans fan… who travels down four steps… when the camera is able to pan up and see a straight right to the face of a Rams fan (equal opportunity puncher) who eats two concrete landings before the puncher just strolls away.

This is the type of fan fight I want. Not a melee or wild hands being thrown. Calm strike.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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