Former NFL Player Beats the Crap Out of United Airlines Employee

Brendan Langley (if you’re wondering “Who the hell is that?” don’t worry, he was a nobody), who was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos has been arrested after an altercation with an employee of United Airlines in Newark Liberty International Airport. Langley played two seasons with the Broncos where he played a total of sixteen games as a kick and punt returner – like I said, the dude was a nobody… until now.

Witnesses of the fight said that Langley and the United Airlines employee were arguing before it eventually became physical. The fight began with shoving, until the two ultimately began throwing punches. After Langley landed a few punches, the UA man was squared up with fists raised. Langley turned away, and the airline employee took a swing, hitting Langley in the face. That’s when Langley seemed to get real fired up.

He landed a couple quick punches before ultimately knocking the airline employee over and walking away saying, “I don’t start shit, I finish it.” That’s when the United Airlines guy got BACK UP. Blood dripping from his face, he walked back up to Langley, who repeatedly asked him, “You want more?”

No more information has been released other than Langley’s arrest – the United Airlines man has not been charged with anything, despite Langley’s claims that it was the employee that assaulted him.

Watch the video of the altercation here:

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