Foul Play Ruled Out, But Other Bob Saget Details Will Remain Sealed

‘Full House’ star Bob Saget’s family won two big victories in the last day as it was made known that foul play was not involved in his death and images as well as other records will not be made public.

The beloved Saget died on Jan. 9, following a stand-up show in Florida. Details that have been shared include that he had spoken with his wife, Kelly Rizzo, just hours before his death — and that he was scheduled to fly home the next day.

Rizzo said that after not hearing from Saget for several hours the next morning that she called the hotel, the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando and requested a security check. An employee was sent up to his room and found the actor has passed.

According to a document obtained by TMZ, Saget was acting quite normal when he arrived at the hotel. The website reported that when Saget drove up to the valet he was pleasant and completely ‘with it’ and even took a selfie with the employee. That valet told TMZ that Saget seemed fine and there was no evidence of slurred speech, balance issues or anything out of the ordinary.

Security video shows that Saget was walking “purposely across the lobby toward the elevators without stopping or interacting with anyone.” It also shows that no one else walked to his room, theorizing that he was alone for the evening.

The Medical Examiner initially detailed why the standing theory was that Saget may have struck his head on the headboard of the bed, though an injunction won by the family will keep people from anyone truly knowing.

According to ABC News, a judge in Florida judge granted the family’s request to block the release of pictures taken at the hotel room where he died.

It had been previously reported that the actor’s family filed a lawsuit asking that the photos taken in the hotel room during the investigation not be released. It as a major victory for the family as Florida law states that the police could legally could have gone public with the pictures.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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