Fox Buys OutKick From Clay Travis And (Someone Named) Sam Savage

OutKick (R.I.P. Outkick the Coverage) is one of our favorite sites — maybe that is because founder Clay Travis likes the First Amendment and Boobs — or maybe it is because the site is actually tells the truth and doesn’t just spew back the same talking points as everywhere else.

Okay, it’s the boobs. Joe Kinsey does the Lord’s work with ‘screencaps’ every day.

Anyways, this is a big deal in the sports space and something to pay attention to.

Travis launched the site almost a decade ago and built a niche audience that gravitated towards his brash style. With his CNN ‘boobs’ banning, he was launched to the moon as a media personality to pay attention to — or loathe, depending on which side of the aisle you sit.

Then something happened.

OutKick went from underground success to overnight sensation.

“Outkick has grown out of my passion for producing bold, well-informed, and entertaining content about sports, current events and, more recently, sports wagering,” Travis said.

“With the power of FOX behind us, we look forward to maintaining Outkick’s unwavering commitment to that mission, as well as further accelerating the growth of our audience, and continued leadership in the sports wagering affiliate category.”

So… that Sam Savage thing?

Travis certainly was the centerpiece to the equation but the inclusion of Sam Savage and Savage Ventures by name is of note.

Mostly because….. who the hell is Sam Savage?

Apparently he is the founder of Savage Ventures and was the former chief revenue officer at 247Sports. We were able to find information of his involvement in and All three of those properties sold to CBS.

With the sale to Fox now on the ledger it begs the question about what they do.

The website says that it is a Nashville-based venture operator that invests, acquires, and operates a high growth digital-first businesses. Okay, cool… whatever. The Fox press release gives little insight, too, saying the role of his team at Savage Ventures will continue having an operational role in the business going forward.

What does that mean? I have no idea. I write for Total Frat Move…

It may just be coincidence that OutKick went from Clay Travis to a team of writers, social assets, video spots, podcasts, and a target of Fox acquisition…. or, maybe not. Time to figure out who the hell Sam Savage is though…

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