Free Dick Pics If You Book With Southwest Airlines

It seems that airlines have switched giving out peanuts for dick pics.

This past Saturday, Lawerence Martin was traveling on a Southwest flight from Detroit to Denver when he made the disgusting decision to airdrop a photo of his penis to every possible device on board. The photo, which explicitly shows Larry receiving a blowjob, was sent in the middle of the flight to anyone with an Apple device in range. Yes, this does include children, two of which were sitting directly behind him.

Larry was quickly outed to flight attendants by a woman who also received and accepted the airdrop request. The woman, who was conveniently seated nearby Lawrence, said she saw his iPad had airdrop open and knew it was him immediately.

When confronted by a flight attendant, Larry apologized and said he was “just having a little fun.” Yep, that was the man’s brillant excuse. He was “having fun.”

When the plane finally landed, Larry was escorted off the plane by the FBI and brought in for questioning. It is suspected that he has since been arrested and spent the remainder of his weekend in airport jail.

The entire ordeal was captured on video and has since been posted on Tiktok, gaining over 7 million views.

While Larry clearly has an odd sense of “fun,” maybe he will enjoy spending the rest of his life as registered sex offender.

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Written by Alex Becker

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