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Do your parents always yell at you that you are wasting your life by sleeping until 4P.M? Well, there’s a job opening right now that is sure to prove them wrong.

The mattress company Casper is looking for new social media employees they are calling “Casper Sleepers.” The role would include taking naps and then posting on Tiktok talking about how great of sleep they had on their Casper mattress. Seems easy enough.

The New York based company rose to fame in 2014 when they became the first mattress-in-a-box company, allowing customers 100 day trials before they needed to decide whether or not they would keep the bed. After doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales the past several years, Casper is now trending once again with this obscure job posting.

The application, which closes on August 11, describes the main task of the job as sleeping “in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world.” The idea is people will look like real-life mannequins, showing off how naturally comfortable they are while using Casper mattresses. When they awake from the slumber, all they need to do is post some social media content reviewing their sleep and Casper products. 

Casper says they are looking for people who have an “exceptional sleeping ability,” a “desire to sleep as much as possible,” and the “ability to sleep through anything.” The application process does also include a social media sample where the company is asking candidates to submit a Tiktok showing off their sleeping skills. While it’s hard to prove how well you sleep, some people are getting creative. Many applicants are digging up photos of them sleeping in awkward circumstances such as trains or parties, while some have even filmed themselves falling asleep standing up.

While the listing does not provide any estimate on salary, even earning minimum wage just to sleep would be a dream, literally. Aside from the fact you get to sleep for a living, the role comes with other perks such as free Casper products, flexible scheduling, and pajama dress code. The application closes after Thursday August 11 and you gotta expect thousands if not millions of applicants. If you are interested in the position (who wouldn’t be), you better get your application in quick! 

You can apply here:

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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