GTA To Have Latina Protagonist

As part of a report on Rockstar by Bloomberg, sources close to the studio discussed the new female character, who will be Latina. The character will reportedly be part of a pair of bank robbers in a story influenced by real-life criminals Bonnie & Clyde.

Female protagonists have previously only been available as custom characters in GTA Online, never in the game’s single player campaigns. Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser (who has since left the company) previously indicated the company was thinking about a female lead as far back as 2013. [Update: The first Grand Theft Auto game featured female playable characters – this would mark the first in the 3D GTA series as we know it today]

The report also indicates that the launch version of GTA 6 will begin with fictionalized Miami and surrounding areas (presumably a return for Vice City), but will be updated with “new missions and cities on a regular basis”.

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Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw this headline, I shit a brick. You read the words “Latina protagonist” in today’s culture, and you think that GTA VI is going to be some version of AOC going on missions to destroy the patriarchy. Nobody in Rockstar’s audience wants that…believe me. With that being said, having two characters in a Bonnie & Clyde-style plot makes a lot of sense, especially if it’s an idea they’ve been toying with for a long time. I’m fine with it as long as I can put the but of a gun to a stranger’s face when I switch to the Latina character.

This isn’t GTA going soft; it’s GTA implementing something that could be interesting for all of us.

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