Henry Ruggs Headed to Jail

Reports came out today that Henry Ruggs was involved in a serious car accident early this morning (about 3:40am). When first responders arrived on scene, they saw a Corvette and a Toyota RAV-4. The Toyota was in flames, and they discovered that the driver of the car was dead inside.

The driver of the Corvette, which hit the Toyota from behind, was Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs. Ruggs, who is a second-year player in the NFL, showed signs of impairment at the scene of the accident. He was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries, but he will indeed be charged with a DUI resulting in death. The typical sentence for this crime is three to seven years in prison, but it can also be seven to fourteen years depending on the sentencing.

The investigation is ongoing, so not much is known about what will happen to Ruggs at this moment, but it is almost certain he will not be playing any more games for the rest of this NFL season, in which he was beginning to demonstrate his talent after his rookie year, having already surpassed his total yards in his rookie year at the halfway mark of the season.

Nothing has been released regarding the victim the crash’s identity at this point in time.

Below is a photo of the crash, via Adam Schefter on Instagram:

Personally, I hope Ruggs never returns to the NFL. He deserves more jail time that I’m sure he will end up getting.

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