How Cool: Adonis Lattimore, Born Without Legs, Wins State Wrestling Tournament

This is about as fvcking cool as it can get for a feel-good story:

Adonis Lattimore, who was born with no right leg and a left leg that ends at the middle of his thigh, took home the Virginia state wrestling championship.

The results surprised everyone except Adonis.

“Really if you work hard, you can do anything — even win a state championship without legs,” he said.

Lattimore took home first place in the Virginia High School League Class 6, 106-pound weight class at the Virginia Beach Sports Center this past weekend.

His success has been celebrated almost everywhere on the internet, so add us to his collection of accolades.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that the Landstown High School senior, who also has just one finger on his right hand, had Eagles coach James Sanderlin cheering wildly while the crowd roared its approval during the final seconds as he defeated his opponent.

“Amazing,” Sanderlin said. “He did all the work. I just get to be a part of the journey. It’s an amazing feeling to watch him do it and have the support of the crowd. It was awesome. He’s a hard-working young man. I’m just speechless

Lattimore was a region qualifier as a freshman but didn’t stay long and missed the region tournament as a sophomore. The coronavirus pandemic forced cancellation of wrestling last year. Lattimore improved to 32-7 this season.

“I’ve been dreaming of this since I knew what it was, and to finally have it happen is just — I don’t know how to explain it,” said Lattimore.

Hell yes. Big win!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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