Howard Stern Is Pissed At Oprah For Having A Dinner Party

The rivalry we did not expect: former shock jock turned mainstream mouthpiece Howard Stern is not mad, he’s disappointed, in Oprah for living her life.

“I’m really amazed by Oprah, I really am. On her Instagram she likes to take you into her house where every night of Christmas is a big party like a celebration and she flies in a different chef,” Stern said on his SiriusXM show. 

“It’s getting very confusing to me. I see what’s going on with COVID. Everyone’s got it. Everyone’s sick. People have a 104 fever. I don’t want to have a 104 fever, I don’t want to get sick, so I’m hiding. But everyone else is out running around. I see Oprah is having dinner parties,” Stern continued.

“It also looks like it’s Gayle King and about 20 young ladies from Africa who are orphans or something,” Stern answered when Robin Quivers asked who, and how many, were in attendance.

“But I’m watching Oprah and there’s always these young girls, about 17 or 18, young women who are invited to Oprah’s palatial estate and Oprah, on every one of these videos, marches out a different chef every night and she goes, ‘Here on the holidays, I have a different chef every night,’” Stern kept on.

Oprah — one of the most powerful and influential women in the world — did not reply yet but has vaguely posted about her events on social media.

“Every night during holiday season we eat delicious foods from different countries and tonight we had Haitian cuisine,” Winfrey recently wrote. “To my Haitian friends everywhere, enjoy your soup joumou on January 1st!”

Winfrey also posted a video to her Insta account in which a celebrity chef served “the Flavor Bomb Chicken Sandwich on a fresh baked cheddar biscuit” to guests.

That is when Howard reverted to fat-shaming… keep it classy, Howard.

“They are cheddar cheese biscuits that are used as sandwich bread, instead of bread, just plain bread, it’s cheddar cheese biscuits with like a piece of chicken in the middle and I’m like, ‘What happened to the Weight Watchers thing? Is that just over with?’ I mean, Oprah’s huge,” Stern said.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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