Ice Cream Truck Funeral Procession Is More Emotional Than Expected

Usually when I scroll social media it is to find the most ridiculous things I can so that you folks keep clicking. This was one that made me a little sad, but also respectfully wanting to share.

Apparently this happened in England, where Louisa Davies — twitter says she is in South London — shared the video, writing: “Just witnessed an ice cream man’s funeral and all the ice cream vans came and followed in solidarity I AM SOBBING.”

From there the replies sort of seemed to affirm it:

One said: “OMG I heard this from Peckham and was like ‘what is that phantom ice cream van sound?’ I’m so glad the mystery is solved. It’s doing quite the rounds of South London Twitter.”

Another added: “What love and respect for a member of their community. That’s just terrific. Look at all of the people who will remember him.”

A third commented with: “Wow! I heard ice-cream van jingles playing along Lewisham Way and thought “funny time of year for an ice cream”. What a beautiful tribute!”

Also, apparently, this is a tradition. Ice cream truck vans join the precession when one of their own is fallen.

No confirmation of who the individual was, but respect has been adequately paid.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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