Internet Tries to Cancel Andrew Tate for Decade-Old, CONSENSUAL Video

Recently, Andrew “Top G” Tate has taken the internet by storm appearing on the TikTok For You Page of every male from the ages of sixteen to twenty-five. His polarizing and bold takes and philosophies have made him an internet sensation, appearing on countless podcasts and shows to share his bizarre ideologies. Since the entire world has pretty much recognized that the dude is just a walking meme, the wokies have had a hard time cancelling him for the things he says. So now, they’ve headed back YEARS to a video that depicts Andrew Tate as a woman-beater, despite the fact that both he and the woman involved publicly stated that it was completely consensual and in good fun.

When the video got first released in 2016, Top G was out to catch a dub in Big Brother UK, and because of the video release, he was removed from the show. At that point, the video was already four years old, which means these softies now are going back a full decade to bring up a video that has already been discussed and resolved. He explained and defended himself after his removal from the show, and the incident blew over without too much excitement.

Just look at the title of the video: they’re trying to get him on something. Now look, if you watch the video, it doesn’t look great. It actually looks pretty bad, but we’re not here to kink-shame the Top G. He responded on Twitter when the video first surfaced, explaining that the sound had been removed and that he has demonstrated that it was consensual. Furthermore, that the couple, while no longer together, had remained friends. 

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Judging by the fact that he’s already made it through people trying to cancel him for a consensual, decade-old video, it’s a safe bet that this isn’t going to put Andrew Tate into a cancel-sized hole where we never see him again. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this attempt to dredge up old nonsense actually fueled more interest in the guy and expanded his “Hustlers University” camp. 

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