Is Roman Reigns About To Leave The WWE?

It is a slow Saturday morning for me. Waiting for the best day of college football to start led me to searching for something… anything… to write about, when this random nugget caught my eye.

Roman Reigns and his Matt-Dillon-Something-About-Mary-teeth dropped a pretty subtle line in his latest promo that could hint at him leaving the company.

“I’m your Tribal Chief. I’m the greatest of all time. And, when my days are done around here, which could be sooner than later, the whole world will acknowledge me.”

Sooner rather than later, you say?

Reigns has been the Universal Champ for 450+ days (because Vince McMahon loves the idea of Roman Reigns, not because he is very good) but he has left the company for small spurts before, like when he worked on Hobbs & Shaw.

Personally, I don’t like Reigns… never have. More of a Seth Rollins guy, to be honest, and so if Roman leaves I would be good with it.

His next storyline is a continued one with Brock Lesnar — who I also would not mind if he left the company — though he will be destroying Sami Zayn this coming week.

Will Roman leave? Who knows. He is probably just angling for new money.

Either way, that is the kind of morning it is out here.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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