J.R. Smith’s First College Golf Tournament

What a weird title for this article. Unless you’re someone who never watches the NBA or doesn’t follow ESPN on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of J.R. Smith. For anyone that hasn’t, though, Smith was in the NBA for fifteen years, and he came straight out of high school. He’s also the complete moron who cost the Cavs Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals when he decided not to put a missed free throw back in the net for an easy game winner.

A while back, it was big news that J.R. Smith decided to go to college at North Carolina A&T, and hey, good for him. I personally wouldn’t want to spend four years to get a degree when I already have millions of dollars, but some people aren’t complete degenerates, and I guess that’s why they do stuff like this. Anyway, J.R. Smith also decided that he was going to try out for the school’s golf team. Since he never played professional golf, he was eligible to play in college. After a tryout, the coaches thought he had a lot of potential to get better and they kept him. As cool as all of that is, though, I have to feel like having a 35-year-old, two-time NBA champ on your college golf team would be a really strange experience. 

Today, Smith competed in his first tournament, and he shot an 81, which for me would be an unreal score. I think I would commit a felony to be able to shoot an 81. But to put Smith’s score in perspective, most college golfers shoot between 67 and 77, and a ten over par round typically doesn’t cut it at the D1 level. Still though, the natural athletic ability Smith already has coupled with the fact that he’s really freaking tall and pretty strong means we can probably expect to  that score go down quite a bit as he gets more and more comfortable playing golf.
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