Jack Del Rio Doubles Down on Tweets

Sorry PFT, but the Washington Commanders are in the news again, and not for a huge win or blockbuster trade. No, it was because of the tweets and subsequent answering of questions by defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

I’m not here to get political or take a side, just here to inform and make some jokes.

Earlier this week Del Rio tweet asking why the protests that turned violent in the wake of the murder of George Floyd were not investigated the same way as the January 6th storming of the Capital, calling it a double standard.

While I’m not defending either instances, I do think it is a little understandable that the government and media might care about thousands of people entering the Capitol in order to contest an election more than a local mom and pop shop being broken into during a protest turned violent.

That doesn’t make either action justified, but yea if I was in charge of getting people to watch my news show, I would show more stuff about a group of people storming a government building. Great television.

While doubling down on his twitter take, Del Rio referred to the January 6th incident as a “dust up” and that “nothing burned down”, seemingly minimizing the event.

He told reporters he would discuss his takes with anyone, and believes we as Americans have a right to express ourselves.

I don’t disagree that we can and should express ourselves, but I’m not sure sharing such controversial views and then doubling down on them as a public figure will have an amazing outcome. I don’t think he should be fired or anything at all, but he definitely pissed some people off with his takes.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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