James “Goose” Corden Takes to the Skies with Tom “Maverick” Cruise

I don’t really like James Corden. I don’t think he’s funny and I never intentionally consume his media, but I did gain some respect for him this week.

In an attempt to promote the release of “Top Gun: Maverick”, Tom Cruise was on the hunt for a talk show host to go flying with. No one wanted to let Tom fly them around, especially after seeing the antics he pulled in “Top Gun”. Finally, James Cordon of all people agreed.

On the first day, the pair went flying in an older, vintage plane (from the 1940s) before taking off in a more modern jet the day after.

Of course, Cruise wanted to show off for the cameras, and they had a simulated dogfight with another plane that appeared during the flight. James did not keep his composure, understandably, and could be heard screaming and cursing.

This wasn’t the first time Tom convinced James to do something like this, back in 2018 to promote “Mission Impossible: Fallout”, the pair went skydiving. Their relationship dynamic was hilarious, and you should definitely watch the video above.

There were many “Top Gun” references in the video that I especially appreciated because I just watched it again last night to prepare for the sequel coming out this Friday.

I guess James is the guy Cruise goes to with all his ariel promotional antics. Respect to Corden for saying yes.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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