Japanese Man Gambles Town’s Covid Relief Money

We lost a legend to the system this week.

On Wednesday, Sho Taguchi was arrested after admitting to spending over $360,000 of taxpayer money on gambling. That money was intended to be distributed to low-income residents of the Western Japanese town of Abu but somehow made its way into Sho’s bank account.

A news source said he only has $530 left in the account after he withdrew the rest over a span of ten days. Taguchi was asked to give the money back to the town, but refused and is being charged with computer fraud.

That money was supposed to be equally distributed to lower-income residents of Abu, but a mistake on the part of the government led to the first person on that list of residents receiving the entire amount. That man was Sho Taguchi.

Officials still think the money can be recovered, even though Taguchi admitted to gambling most of it away. Bank statements show him transferring tens of thousands of dollars to what is believed to be an online casino, institutions which are always extremely reputable and never ever rigged.

Personally, I don’t think Sho should be held responsible for this governmental screw-up, but obviously, he sucks at gambling and should probably watch some blackjack tutorials, or maybe even get some help quitting. Homie should have just thrown some money on the Celtics last night.

Information to write this piece was obtained from AP News

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