Jeff Lowe Is Moving His ‘Tiger King’ Zoo To Mexico Because There Are No Laws There

Prior to the popularity of ‘Tiger King’ few, if any, knew who Jeff Lowe was. Now that the show has run its course, Lowe is trying to maintain whatever relevancy he has while chasing the dollars all the way to lawless Mexico.

You see the feds here in America banned Jeff — and his wife Lauren — from ever exhibiting animals again after a judge ruled they’d violated the Endangered Species Act. The judge said that by delivering, carrying and exhibiting animals without a license they violated the law, however the DOJ dropped all of the civil charges allowing them to go south.

The random side show from the series told TMZ that the new zoo would still try to get blood from a stone and be ‘Tiger King’ related, hoping that the folks in Mexico are just getting around to Season 1…

According to the initial report, Lowe has signed a deal to build a zoo on a 35-acre property between the tourist areas of Playa del Carmen and Tulum. He told the site that the new spot will be “built among a lush jungle with natural water features”, and that he already has all the necessary permits for construction and possession of animals.

Of course he does. Because Mexico is known for enforcing things like this and not taking payment behind closed doors…

He added that the zoo would open in 12 to 16 months and will showcase big cats, as well as lemurs, sloths, giraffes and a pair of elephants.

Good luck, I guess.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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