Jerry Jeudy Beats the Case

Prosecutors have confirmed they are dropping the case against the Broncos wide receiver. Someone probably had him on their fantasy team I guess.

Three weeks ago Jeudy was arrested after an incident involving the mother of his infant child. He was initially accused of withholding property from her and charged with 2nd degree tampering with a domestic violence enhancer.

Jeudy’s attorney throughout the process maintained that Jerry did nothing that violated the law and should never have been arrested. He was quickly granted bail and set to await a hearing scheduled for today, but that hearing will no longer be necessary. After reviewing the evidence the DA came to the conclusion that no crimes were committed and submitted a motion to completely dismiss the case.

This is excellent news for the wide receiver and fans of the Broncos. In the offseason, the team acquired Russell Wilson, a significant upgrade from the team’s previous quarterbacks. Jeudy will be one of his top targets this season, so seeing him free is a huge relief for fans.

It seems like there have been so many athletes in the news for negative reasons recently, from domestic disputes to fraud. It’s always sad to see people we watch every week and look up to in this negative light, so whenever an athlete beats a case it makes me happy.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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